it’s five o’clock somewhere

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summer is slowly winding down and school is about to start. our weather has been gorgeous here lately. we have those perfect evenings to sit on the patio and enjoy.

in between having everett and eleanor, i tried to spice up our mid-week slump with a wednesday happy hour. basically, every wednesday i created a new cocktail for andrew and i to try after rett was down for the night. i kept it going after eleanor was born, although with the move i have been a total slacker lately.

so, in spirit of a new wednesday, i thought i’d share five of our favorites!

the classic margarita
one you canNOT go wrong with. a little sweet, a little sour, and oh so salty. we LOVE a good marg!

1.5 ounces of tequila (we like blue agave tequila)
1 ounce of orange liqueur (i may go a smidge more than that… you know how i feel about orange!)
3/4 ounce of lime juice (we sometimes just buy the juice, but freshly squeezed lime is always so good)
salt or sugar for glass rim

use a lime wedge to wet the rim of your glass, dip into salt or sugar, mix all of the ingredients together in a shaker, pour over ice, + ENJOY.

orange moscow mule
moscow mules come in soooo many variations. while i love to change it up here and there with seasonal recipes, the good ol’ classic still my all time favorite. this one, though, is right up there!

2 ounces of vodka
2 ounces of orange juice
4 ounces of ginger beer
1/2 lime (juice)
orange slices + fresh basil for garnish

mix all ingredients in a copper mug (my favorite part of moscow mules), add ice, add an orange slice and basil. yum.

grapefruit + gin
the perfect combination of tangy and spicy.

1 ounce of gin
4 ounces of grapefruit juice
grapefruit wedge
sprig of rosemary for garnish

mix ingredients in a shaker, pour over ice, garnish with rosemary. such a pretty drink!

 rosé  slush
rosé  all day, people. my summer motto!

raspberry sorbet, your favorite  rosé  wine

add one to two scoops of sorbet into your mason jar + fill with rosé. perfect for lounging by the pool.

blueberry basil smash
we grow our own basil…well, mostly me. 😉 but i LOVE the smell and i love to add it to so many things! i may have gotten a little carried away this summer, so i have a lot of extra. using it for happy hour seemed like the logical thing to do!

4 to 6 basil leaves
handful of blueberries
1/2 ounce of lemon juice
1/4 ounce of simple syrup
3 ounces of gin
crushed ice

muddle basil, blueberries, lemon juice, + simple syrup. add in about an inch of crushed ice + stir. add gin, then fill with more crushed ice. zest your lemon on top of the ice + garnish with blueberries and basil leaves. super unexpected combo, but delicious!

CHEERS! and happy wednesday friends!


here’s to adventures.

growing up, my parents were so great about taking my sister, brother, and me to do lots of different things. family vacations, six flags, water parks, float trips, mark twain cave. we were always on some adventure in between all of the other extracurriculars we were involved with. to some, it may have seemed like we were always on the go – and maybe we were. but to us, we have the BEST memories of all the family adventures we went on. now that we are all older and our little families are growing, nothing’s changed. andrew and i like to take the kids to do lots of things; i think my sister and brother will do the same thing with their kiddos; and my parents are always up for an adventure!

so over the weekend, my mom, dad, and sister took my babes to jurassic quest. they had life-sized dinosaur replicas, baby dinos, fossil digs, bouncy houses, face painting, real paleontologists… that wasn’t even the half of it! if you’ve been around everett, you know that he is obsessed with dinosaurs so he thought this was the best thing since sliced bread! and now that eleanor is getting a little older, she thinks her big brother’s dinosaur collection is pretty cool. 🙂

thanks to my sister, we got some great shots of the kids enjoying it all!

we are so lucky that our kids get to experience so many things! i know life can get in the way sometimes. heck, i’m guilty of it. i let it run me down. we are all so busy with work, taking care of our homes + families, and so many more day to day things. i saw a quote recently: ‘what is life but one GRAND ADVENTURE’. i thought about it for a minute and it couldn’t ring more true. don’t let these moments pass you by. time is fleeting. one day you’ll wake up and wish you could just have that one more moment to load the kids up in the car and make a new memory. we can’t do it all, guys. and we don’t have to. sometimes we need to leave the laundry and dishes, and go. so here’s to many more summer adventures! and remember life is an adventure and babies don’t keep.

happy wednesday, friends. xx ❤

donuts + snocones


happy tuesday! i hope you had a nice weekend. we are getting a ‘break’ in our missouri summer heatwave. and by break, i mean it’s in the 90s instead of the 100s. 🙂

we did a lot of swimming this weekend. everett finally got super brave and swam without his floaties. YAY! he did last summer, but was timid around the water this year. if you saw any of my instastories, i’m sure you saw him going down the slide and off the diving board (or jumpin’ board, as he calls it). i’m soooo proud of my little fish!

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and speaking of brave. eleanor seriously does NOT know fear. girlfriend was jumping off the side of the pool by herself! i couldn’t believe it. (before you judge me – she had floaties on AND i was right there) i never remember everett being that fearless. we have a little spitfire on our hands, i’m afraid.

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we did hit up the local farmers market before pooling it on saturday. i think the heat scared a lot of vendors away, but we scored some fresh/local produce to make our pizzas for family game night! donuts for breakfast at the new little icecream place in the morning and snocones before heading out. YUM.

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did you guys have crazy storms like us? the lightening was like a strobe light outside and the wind was insane! we didn’t have any damage, but several of our neighbors lost trees and patio sets. thankfully we cleared our patio off for viewings of the house. our one neighbors had a play log cabin for his daughter and it was down by the woods! definitely tornadic winds.

your day is almost over – hang in there!